Floating Solar Gen 2


Only used for Power Generation and limited water evaporation savings.

Structure & System

  • Built to local Building Code
  • Containerized, easy to ship as everything is inside ready to go
  • Systems from as small as 1.4kW -Add systems for larger systems
  • Manufacturer warranties
  • Easy to assemble and launch
  • Fewer Parts
  • Low Maintenance

Savings & Benefits

  • 70% lower costs compared to Gen 1 system
  • Reduced cost of power over the lifetime
  • No land acquisition costs
  • Reduced cost of maintenance compared to Land solar
  • Power on site where required like for pumping, irrigation etc
  • Energy stored for back-up power in case of emergencies
  • Carbon offsets
  • Meets Government assistance criteria for sustainable farming
  • Tax deduction for capital works / depreciable asset


  • Farmers
  • Irrigators
  • Market growers
  • Green houses
  • Agri business
  • Horticulturalists
  • Anyone with a dam or private water