Floating Solar Gen 2 with Algae Bioreactor


Only used for Power Generation and limited water evaporation savings.


  • Built to local Building Code
  • Partly Modularized and partly Customized to suit the application
  • Manufacturers warranties
  • Power on site to power water clean up
  • Low Maintenance

Savings & Benefits

  • Reduced number of holdings ponds for wastewater
  • Smart monitoring of water quality as bioreactor floats on the discharge pond
  • Water quality suitable for irrigation and feedstock drinking
  • Removes heavy metals, salts and phosphorous
  • Algae used as fertilizer, cover to soil to prevent erosion or feedstock
  • Tax deduction for capital works / depreciable asset
  • Meets green rating and assist to achieve a net zero sustainability target


  • System needs to be designed for minimum processing levels
  • Requires a new carbon credit rating system and monitoring (would meet carbon credit offsets for farmers)


  • Wineries
  • Farmers for sustainable farming practices and carbon credit offsets
  • Irrigators seeking to clean up water for re-use
  • Companies facing waste water challenges in other industries
  • Waste processing companies