Floating Solar Gen 1


Only used for Power Generation and limited water evaporation savings.

Structure & System

  • Built to local Building Code
  • Highly Customized to suit the application
  • Parts warrantied between 25 and 50 years
  • Large scale
  • Localized Maintenance

Savings & Benefits

  • Reduced cost of power over the lifetime
  • No land acquisition costs
  • Reduced cost of maintenance compared to Land solar
  • Power on site where required and able to be exported


Higher yield than land based solar


Floating solar plant in Australia


  • Highly Dependant on local government councils / large scale water utilities
  • Lack of Understanding on benefits on the part of the purchaser
  • Customers reluctance to sign 25 year Power Purchase Agreements
  • Cost is not competitive as compared to any competitor with 0% financing
  • No mandates from the government
  • Scale required for microgrids for export of the power


  • Councils
  • Water Utilities and Water Companies