Felicia Whiting

Felicia Whiting combines the refined design sensibility of a trained architect with the rock-solid experience of a highly successful infrastructure development professional of over three decades.

Felicia believes that real advances are made only by unleashing novel ideas and pushing the boundaries of possibility.

This philosophy has translated into a stellar record, with Felicia’s expertise called on for large projects across three continents. These range from multi-residential buildings, hotels, commercial developments, high-speed rapid transport systems, and more. As expected of someone in quiet command of her field, the list of successful projects is long and varied.

And she is the inventor of the world’s first solar bioreactor. An achievement that stands out, but also blends into the rest of her remarkable professional achievements.

Felicia Whiting’s vision, passion, and imagination lie at the heart of Infratech Industries and the innovative path the company is forging in energy, waste, and water management.