Floating Solar Algae Bio Reactor

This is the next generation of autonomous floating solar based water treatment plants [AFWT].

Grounded in sustainability and currently in trials, when completed the plant would be able to treat wastewater especially from wineries and farming and other polluted reservoirs.

The algae are grown in special grow tubes to match the treatment requirements such as bacteria, virus, heavy metal clean up. Treatment cycles vary and are customized to local conditions. The system is sustainable and automated and is comprises a continual cycle of injection – growth – maturation – harvesting – redeploy. The cleaned permeate can go to watering systems or into the pond or reservoir. Algal floc is harvested through the filtration system for a use in a wide variety of applications depending on the alga analyte characteristics. This includes food stock for farming, biodiesel, and nutrient supplements.

The system is cost effective in that the infrastructure is supported by the host water body and does not require separate housing or structures. The filtration is land based for easy access for harvesting. Everything is mechanised and automated including the algae grow cycle.

The solar power array is used for the pumps and treatment systems but can be used to power local and on-site requirements as well by adding additional panels.