Algae: Invasive Species

algae1Infratech Industries are able to treat most types of bio fungal, algae or blue green algae bloom in a three-phase approach.

Inhibiting photosynthesis

  • Stifling the growth of algae aided by the coverage of a floating solar plant on the water body
  • Generating power to feed the compact water treatment plant

Treating and Cleaning

  • Remove the organic matter through our Water Treatment Technology

Stop Pollutants from entering the water

  • Stopping pollutants from entering the water stream
  • Treating at source nitrates and phosphorus and other pollutants by extracting them from the water source

The Water Treatment and Purification Technologies are powered by our floating solar systems. Systems can be readily coupled together on pontoons and can be removed at any time once remediation is complete.

  • Non polluting
  • Efficient
  • Compact and Portable
  • Chemical free
  • Easy operation
  • Remote monitoring and automated
  • Easy to maintain