Waste Management

Infratech Industries operates in the field of Waste Management and integrates RDF processing systems with Waste to Energy Systems.  The technologies within Infratech Industries, either owned or licensed ensures emissions and performance under EU and EPA guidelines.

Waste is a valuable resource that can be used to create synthetic fuels and empower regional development. Electricity can also be generated in the process by adding turbines and exothermically capturing heat and energy.

Processing waste minimizes impacts to the environment.  Infratech waste to energy and advanced processing ensures that all waste is processed with little or no residue and can meet emission targets. Infratech advanced processing technology creates feedstock’s that can be utilized in waste to energy plants through a gasification process of degradation in high temperature pressurized and oxygen starved environments. Bi products are heat and steam as well as gas, which is combusted to run a turbine for power generation.

Processing waste saves on taking waste to landfills and is a carbon neutral process emulating what takes nature thousands of years to produce alternative state materials utilizing the carbon content of waste. The systems can process virtually any carbonaceous feedstock without the requirement of special handling.

  • Thermal conversion of solid MSW at 900-3,000°F, with very little air or oxygen, into a synthesis gas, or syngas which is a process known as Gasification.
  • Gasification uses only a fraction of the oxygen that would be needed to burn the solid material.
  • Syngas contains mostly hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide (CO), water (H2O), and a very small amount of carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Gasification results in much less ash than incineration and the ash can frequently be recycled for use in industrial processes.
  • Gasification different from incineration on a technical basis, and also on a regulatory basis.

US EPA and state regulatory agencies have determined that:

  • Gasification is different from incineration and combustion ¥ Unlike incinerators, gasifiers do not combust solid materials; they convert the solid material to a gas, called syngas.
  • The boiler in the Gasification Power Plant burns syngas, not solid waste.
  • Syngas is not defined as a “solid waste”.
  • MSW gasification systems are not covered by the air permitting requirements for mass-burn incinerator.

The Gasification Power Plants are not subject to the same regulations as mass-burn incinerators and it burns a non-hazardous secondary material (syngas) that is not a solid waste.