Floating Solar

floating-solarFloating solar arrays can be used where land is scarce, access is difficult and water conservation is a need.  It is possible to integrate floating solar systems on all types of water bodies such as Lakes, Saltwater Lakes, Reservoirs, Irrigation Ponds, Water Inlets, Dams | Hydro, Harbor or Sea, Rivers etc.

A floating solar array installation is constructed to float on a raft membrane that is free to track the sun and take advantage of the cooling properties of the water.  A floating solar system can operate under all weather conditions and also withstand Category 1 and 2 winds as well as seismic loads. Up to 10 meters in water level differential can be accommodated daily and 2 meter peak and trough waves.

The solar array can use standard PVs, Glass or Bi facial PVs as well increased efficiency panels. A full detailed analysis of each site location and operating conditions is undertaken to identify the optimum equipment selection and configuration. The electrical components for the system remain on land with power drawn by electrical cable from the array to the sub main panel or to an energy storage system.

A yield of up to 3 times (300X) that of traditional fixed based solar is possible by utilizing cooling, tracking and concentrators to gain maximum solar energy. Systems are modular and can be readily coupled together.

The floating solar system can power bolted on water treatment systems for treating a variety of water quality issues from preventing and controlling algal bloom to salt extraction and chlorination.