Energy Storage -TOESS System

Thermal energy storage is a key technology for managing the balance between thermal energy demand and supply, which is an important element for the transition to a low-carbon economy. Storing thermal energy as economically as possible is the key challenge faced by thermal energy storage technologies. The Infratech solution is a novel chemical looping energy on demand (TOESS) system proposed to simultaneously produce oxygen, heat and/or electricity.

The working principle of TOESS is simple and is based on the cyclic redox reaction of mono- or bi-metallic sorbents. In the power generation mode highly exothermic oxidation reaction of reduced metal takes place during peak hours whilst endothermic reduction of metal oxides is carried out during off-peak period resulting in production of oxygen. The IFR technology can be employed in any application where natural gas | low cost electricity during off peak hours is available. It is particularly suited in applications where high purity oxygen is also needed. Examples include, but not limited to, process industries, glass and cement manufacturing, coal and gas fired power plants, hospitals, buildings, solar or wind farms. The efficiency of IFR process is as high as Compressed Air Energy Storage or Pumped Hydro. The major advantages of this process are:

  • It can be applied to any scale (e.g. at small scale for hospitals up to at medium-large scale for process industries and gas companies)
  • It can produce oxygen at relatively low cost during nighttime / off peak hours and generate additional thermal energy during day time/ peak hours to generate heating/cooling/electricity.
  • It can become an option of energy storage at relatively higher efficiency and has zero self-discharge and higher discharge time.