Jamestown: Floating Solar System

infratech-1The Jamestown project was Australia’s first floating solar generation plant.  The plant, which floats on a wastewater facility in Jamestown, is the first part of a larger system that will cover five basins.  The project took more than three years to design and implement. Flinders University in Adelaide also contributed to the project.  The system consists of a raft supporting standard photovoltaic panels. The panels are specially coated to prevent corrosion, due to their close proximity to water. The water works to cool the panels, increasing their efficiency, and the raft includes a single axis tracking system to orient the panels over the course of the day. The array provides power to the wastewater facility.  By covering the surface of the water it reduces evaporation and water loss. The shading of the water also mitigates the growth of blue green algae, and keeps the water cooler, which has benefits for water quality and biochemical oxygen demand.

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